8 Best PEOs for Mid-Size Businesses

8 Best PEOs for Mid-Size BusinessesAll companies experience change as they grow. From new processes to different leadership, adaptation is the key to survival when you begin to scale your business. If you own or manage a mid-size growth company, your HR needs have changed since the days when you had a minimal team and few options for delegating responsibilities. Now, you’re  bringing in more revenue, you have more employees on your payroll, and maybe you’re opening additional locations or expanding to another state.

With that growth come new HR challenges. Payroll is more complicated, you have to spend more time recruiting and managing your larger workforce, and administrative work requires more of your time.

While many business owners consider PEOs to be an ideal solution for small businesses (and they are), the truth is that mid-size companies also greatly benefit from outsourcing their HR function to a PEO that specializes in their needs. 

If you’re ready to outsource – or maybe you’re ready for a provider that offers more extensive services for your growing business – we’ll help you find the PEO that’s right for you. 

A Note on Pricing: We did not include pricing in our evaluation because pricing varies greatly based on the needs of your business, your location, and other factors specific to each client. For more information on pricing, check out our comprehensive Insider’s Guide to PEO Costs.

ADP TotalSource

States: ADP operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: With more than 700,000 clients across the globe, ADP is recognized around the world as a technology and product leader in the industry. Because they believe that integrity is everything, they are strongly commited to corporate social responsibility that contributes to a more ethical and inclusive society. 

What We Like: ADP TotalSource is a certified PEO with a long history of quality service, and they can work with businesses in any state. They have a unique HR app marketplace (basically an app store) where you can pick and choose solutions that integrate with the ADP platform. For example, as your company grows beyond 50-100 employees, you may need a more robust learning management solution or a wellness app. You can purchase these directly from the marketplace and build your own customized HCM environment, and you can access everything from a single dashboard. You can also take advantage of employee assistance programs, training and development, health savings or flexible spending accounts, and expert risk management.

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American Time and Labor Company

States: American Time and Labor Company operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: American Time and Labor Company offers a unique cloud experience designed to support industries with off-site employees. They have developed a fully-integrated, cloud-based workforce management solution that addresses the specific challenges of managing a remote workforce. 

What We Like: American Time and Labor Company’s mobile time and attendance app is unique in its ability to manage timekeeping needs for remote workers. The simple, user-friendly interface will document meal and rest breaks, travel time, GPS location data, and more. This is especially helpful for companies in industries with strict compliance guidelines. It will also store data on your mobile device if you are out of range for cell coverage or WiFi, which is a handy feature for employees working in remote locations. In addition to the mobile app, the company also offers a full range of workforce management solutions through their cloud-based service platform, including payroll, workers’ compensation, benefits, and tax management.

American Time and Labor Company


Engage PEO

States: Engage PEO operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Engage PEO emphasizes HR consultation and risk management for their clients. Every dedicated HR consultant on their team is also an employment lawyer, which gives them deep insight into issues facing small businesses. In 2019, they were named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of fastest-growing private companies for the fourth consecutive year.

What We Like: Engage PEO is among the top tier of PEOs in the nation, and they are very strong in legal compliance and risk management. Because their consultants are all employment lawyers, they can help you with complex issues including risk analysis, safety recommendations, reviews and analyses of claims and losses, employment questions, and state-specific regulatory laws and guidelines. It's a unique approach to compliance that makes Engage PEO especially attractive to clients who have to navigate complicated guidelines or legal issues.

Engage PEO’s “Expect More” philosophy drives their service model and customer interactions. They continuously invest in improving their products and technology, and they work hard to deliver individualized service based on each client’s specific needs and industry expectations. 

Engage PEO


States: Justworks operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Justworks offers a simple, clean, user-friendly platform to handle your payroll, HR, benefits, and compliance needs. They also offer a transparent pricing model that makes it easy to budget, compare costs, and choose the best plan for your company.

What We Like: Justworks has designed a modern, sleek, technology-first HR solution that employees love. It is easy to navigate and highly adoptable. Because they have developed a proprietary software platform from the ground up, they can address the specific challenges their clients face with simple, user-friendly solutions. The software is easy for new hires to learn quickly, and the interface helps employees find what they need quickly and intuitively.  

We also love the straightforward, clear pricing structure. You can compare plans easily, browse available add-ons, and choose the plan that fits both your budget and requirements. Justworks provides a detailed overview that makes it easy to choose the right plan for your business.



Vensure Employer Services

States: Vensure Employer Services operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Vensure Employer Services supports more than 250,000 worksite employees nationwide. With cutting edge technology and end-to-end solutions, they help each client design a customized solution, and they work with businesses of all sizes. This company is one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing PEOs.

What We Like: Vensure offers industry-specific HR solutions for those in the restaurant, construction, education and government, staffing, manufacturing, financial, retail, healthcare, and non-profit sectors. This tailored approach is a huge benefit for business owners or managers who need more in-depth assistance with issues specific to their industry. We love the user-friendly Client Center where you can find all the documents and forms you need plus state-specific enrollment packets, all available in both English and Spanish versions. Their training offerings include OSHA-approved training courses (both 10-hour and 30-hour formats available) with Vensure's standard two-day delivery format.

Vensure also offers a Benefits Marketplace with plenty of options like identity theft protection, telehealth, proactive health management, and paychecks on demand. If you want to maintain your own workers’ compensation and loss control program, Vensure offers a carve-out option so you can still enjoy all the other benefits of the PEO relationship.

Vensure Employer Services 

Oasis, a Paychex® Company

States: Oasis operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Oasis is a Paychex company that has been in business for over twenty years, and they are recognized experts in human resources management. Together, their solutions combine to give you a customized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Oasis is SOC 2 certified.

What We Like: Oasis matches each client with a dedicated service team. This means you can build relationships with your service providers, they get to know your business, and they can provide more personalized service. There is no minimum number of employees required, which means you can start with Oasis when you first open your doors and continue scaling your business over time without changing providers.

The integrated HRIS system provides secure access to all HR information, including payroll data, benefits information, forms, employee data, and more. With more than 6,000 books, courses, and training resources available in their online library, Oasis has one of the most extensive training resources you'll find among comparable PEO providers.

Oasis offers a flexible fee solution that allows you to choose between a 'flat fee per employee' or a 'percentage of payroll' structure.

Oasis Outsourcing



States: XcelHR operates in all fifty states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: With core values like integrity, respect, and excellence, XcelHR is committed to providing best-in-class solutions. They have been in business for 25 years helping small businesses streamline their HR needs and attract quality talent.

What We Like: XcelHR believes that HR should create value by supporting people. They stand behind this value with strong service offerings and flexibility.They will work with businesses of any size, from those just starting out with one or two employees up to large, established companies with hundreds of employees. You can also choose which services and features you want to add beyond basic payroll and HR. If you are already satisfied with your health benefits or workers' compensation policy, for example, you can carve those out and pay only for what you need. 

XcelHR also offers an ASO arrangement if you want to retain a little more independence. The ASO model is not a co-employment relationship, and does not sponsor benefit programs or workers’ compensation coverage. However, it does provide all of the same HR administration services as a PEO. Xcel also offers Free HR Audits to all US-based businesses.



Tandem HR

States: Tandem HR operates in all 50 states.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Tandem HR is a high-touch, concierge PEO solution. They offer a full range of customizable services based on the specific growth rate, employee base, and challenges of your business.

What We Like: Tandem HR excels in customer service. They have developed custom solutions for businesses of different sizes, which means your mid-size business will receive services designed for the needs you have at this growth stage. They also serve larger businesses and can scale with you as you grow. On-site HR consultants are available to serve your team and offer guidance for work-related issues, and the company has a bi-lingual representative on staff to assist you as needed.

Tandem HR provides three different HR outsourcing models: the PEO, the ASO, and the HRO. You can select the relationship that best supports your business, and Tandem HR will work with you to develop a customized plan for aligning your HR solution with your business goals and strategy.



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