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For over 20 years, the Xcel HR family of companies has provided “best in class” Human Resources solutions to small and mid-size businesses. These services include payroll, benefits, benefits administration, and human resources support. We provide a consultative, flexible approach for our clients, allowing them to select the solution that best fits their needs.

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As part of the leadership team with your firm, it is highly unlikely that your priority is developing a fully-staffed and functioning human resources department. Unfortunately, if you are like most of our clients, you and your key staff can be inundated with burdensome tasks such as government compliance, payroll, benefits administration, shopping for insurance, and employee relations issues. The time you spend dealing with this minutia can be counterproductive.

XcelHR processes nearly $1.5 billion each year, servicing thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of worksite employees. We have regional service and sales centers throughout the country, which gives us the flexibility to service you on-site when you need it.

XcelHR is Solutions Driven. Does this sound like you?

Problem:  My company has identified the need to spend less time on back-office tasks, in order to save time, improve efficiencies and focus on developing the organization.

Solution:  By outsourcing human resources to XcelHR, you won’t have to worry about administrative burdens such as payroll, workers’ compensation, benefit management and compliance issues.

Problem:  Specifically, my company requires the ability to ensure that it remains compliant with the latest federal, state and local laws to prevent the costly ramifications of non-compliance.

Solution:  XcelHR’s professional team of HR consultants will assess your company’s specific compliance needs and develop a program tailored to meet those requirements. We combine a thorough understanding of practices, regulations and professional standards to deliver focused solutions in an easily understood and implemented format.

Problem:  My company also needs to implement professional human resources services in order to employ effective policies and procedures and manage employee relations within the company.

Solution:  XcelHR offers our clients complete HR Administration services both through personal customer service representatives and through the online information portal that offers access to an extensive library of forms and information on federal and state laws. Our accredited HR experts are on hand to help clients as needed, and our legal counsel is available to provide labor law expertise.

Problem:  My company would like to upgrade its payroll system.

Solution:  While XcelHR offers one of the most powerful payroll/Human Resource Information System (HRIS) technology platforms available today, our goal is to make payroll simple and painless. Online functionality includes manager and employee self-service and powerful reporting capabilities. The available time and attendance module offers a fully Web enabled solution. It also interfaces easily with existing time clocks. With XcelHR, it is easy to go 100% paperless.

Problem:  In addition, my company has recognized that it needs to manage its employee benefits plan, and offer customized, Fortune 500-style benefits to staff.

Solution:  XcellHR can provide your organization with a wider selection of insurance plans, aggressive rate reductions when available, and hands on support ranging from implementation and renewal to payroll deductions and terminations. Our benefits team also provides you and your employees with personal assistance when resolving claims issues or answering questions on coverage.

Problem:  Finally, my company would like to eliminate safety liability risks and be protected from potential financial consequences by having a proper risk management program in place. The company also requires quick and easy access to a responsive risk management team.

Solution:  XcelHR leverages its successful experience with employer liability and risk management programs and its relationships with national carriers to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our risk management team will work diligently with you ensure a safe workplace.

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