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A pioneer in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, FrankCrum is a solid, family-owned company dedicated to the success of small to medium-sized businesses nationwide.  We provide an affordable package that includes workers’ compensation insurance, payroll processing, and HR services and advice.  We keep up with your payroll and taxes, benefits, and employment regulations to save you time, energy and money.

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PEO Services that Inspire Businesses to Be the Best They Can Be

With FrankCrum you cost effectively delegate the responsibilities of HR administration, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation to our expansive team.  We help you become a great employer for your staff, reduce your risk of workplace accidents, avoid employment risks, and lower your costs .  . .  all while freeing you up to focus on your business.

FrankAdvice from a dedicated HR team

  • Fast, courteous, accurate responses to everyday HR issues/questions/needs
  • Handbook preparation assistance, drafting of policies, updates
  • Avoidance of lawsuits and informed decision-making based on sound HR advice
  • Guidance to help you comply with the Affordable Care Act

Risk Management/Safety resources and a team of experienced pro’s

  • On-Site reviews offer an effective approach to identify problems and hazards
  • Technical resources (OSHA reporting guidelines, templates to customize training, and more)
  • Safety Management Programs tailored to your business by technical experts

A flexible Cloud Platform/HRIS system for you and your employees

  • Secure information at your fingertips from work or home, computer or cell phone
  • Electronic onboarding and ongoing maintenance of your employees
  • Employees manage personal information and access pay statements, W-2’s and more

Fortune 500-caliber benefits

  • Offer top benefits plans from national providers, cost effectively (Health, Dental, 401k, Flexible Spending Accounts, Supplemental Insurance)
  • Provide tax advantages through 125 plans
  • Complete benefits administration (and plan administration)
  • Credit Union and discount plans

Workers’ Compensation Insurance program from our own carrier, Frank Winston Crum Insurance

  • Great rates through our own carrier
  • No down payment, pay as you go


At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.