PEO & HRO Buyer’s Guide


Thank you for using our free Buyer’s Guide for your staff leasing and PEO companies selection needs. We have been in the staff leasing business for many years and have experience in selling, marketing and managing professional employer organizations and the services they provide. Within the PEO guide, you will find links to helpful articles and advice on how to use to make the selection of your PEO Company a one time event.

The Buyer’s Guide is intended to offer you a template as you search for a staff leasing organization that meets your needs. In this guide we have attempted to provide you with details, explanations, descriptions and tips that can assist you in understanding and selecting PEO services. Not all PEO companies are alike and many staff leasing organizations work only within specific businesses therefore tailoring their solution for that particular industry. Using our PEO Services Matching Tool will help your search.

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