Top 10 Needs of Small Businesses for 2010 Reveals Top 10 Needs of Small Businesses for 2010 

Survey Captures 1st quarter data for 2010 Small Business Needs 

Tampa, FL May 23, 2010, an unbiased PEO comparison and matching site, announced today the results of its PEO Services Selection Tool for 1st quarter, 2010.

This comprehensive filter captures small business human resources needs then presents the PEOs that can address those needs. This technology, proven effective over the last two years, easily automates the process of choosing the ideal PEO for your business, shortening the lengthy research and selection process. 

The tool gives the business owner full control over his selection by allowing him to specify his own personal areas of greatest concern. Upon completion, he is immediately given a list of PEO companies ranked according to his specifications which he can easily review utilizing the various resources on the site.

An analysis of the first quarter data captured shows us the top 10 needs of small businesses today:

  1. Ability to process payroll online
  2. Access to online payroll reports
  3. Ability to enroll employees in benefits online
  4. Employee records stored and accessed online
  5. Ability to track PTO (paid-time off)
  6. Access to a national provider healthcare plan, not single state carriers
  7. Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability (STD/LTD) for employees
  8. Flexible spending, pre-tax account for Daycare or Healthcare
  9. Ability for employees to make personal changes on their own, online
  10. Online HR resources for self service issues

    “Our PEO Services Matching Tool ensures that we have first-hand insight as to what the small business owner needs to be successful,” states Carolyn Stoll, Marketing Director at This list clearly shows that online capabilities, including payroll, benefits, and access of employee information are what small businesses are needing and asking for in today’s economic environment. “Interestingly, when software began as a service, the #1 concern was privacy of data. While this is still important, it is apparent that the businesses today are less concerned about security and more focused on convenience. Business owners are now seeing the benefits of having access to information from anywhere,” said Carolyn Stoll.

    By completing and submitting the PEO Services Selection Tool or the Quick Compare Analysis, business owners are able to communicate exactly what their needs are. The good news is that today’s Professional Employer Organizations can provide this level of service, giving business owners exactly what they want.

    About is an unbiased PEO comparison and selection website dedicated to assisting small business owners in finding a PEO with services that match their needs for small business human resources. This is the first site that provides an unbiased PEO Services Matching Tool small business owners to find, match, and compare professional employer organizations.

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