Recruiting: It's Not Just for Sports

RecruitingWhen you are doing your company’s hiring you know the lengths to which you may be required to go. You put up an advertisement and then you are forced to sift through thousands upon thousands of overly worded cover letters and resumes with everyone trying to convince you that they are the best applicant for the position.  Even if the “thousands and thousands of resumes” is an exaggeration, the process of reviewing resumes can become very taxing. Then you get to the interview process and that is an entirely different set of circumstances; the applicants who make it to the interview stage are those most qualified or fitting for the position so that they all may appear to be suited to the position.  Carrying out the interviews and finding the perfect person from a group of (hopefully) talented applicants can be difficult and even more time consuming than reading the resumes, especially considering that all of the candidates who are skilled but inadequate for the position must be weaned out and the references need to be checked.

Because of the time and headache in doing all of this legwork, you may finally decide that your time is better spent on carrying out other tasks while leaving recruiting for someone else. Since you still want to find a good candidate, maybe it is time you considered the Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

PEO’s are services in your immediate area which help small and medium sized businesses find the most out of their potential applicants. Many larger companies have hiring departments; but when you are a small or medium sized business the owner doing the hiring may occupy the desk adjacent to this new hire you are looking to find. Having someone else sift through the stacks of information and bring to the owner several qualified applicants makes the hiring process that much smoother.

PEO’s do many functions within small and medium sized businesses; one such function is in their finding and often training the right employees for your team. They will be able to find and develop new employees all to your company specifications.

When you are looking for help from traditional “staffing services” you will often run into the anticipated problems that go along with that: unmotivated workers, nomads moving from temp job to temp job, and workers who don’t really care about the work they are doing; in other words, you will likely hire people who are only planning to work for your company short term. Employees you get from these services are not the type of employees you can add to your team and keep there for an extended period of time.

Finding and hiring the right people is tough; working with a service such as a PEO may help to make it easier. If you are struggling through the mounds of resumes and you still haven’t found the type of employee you are looking for, using an outsourcing service may be your best bet.  There are lots of services to help find the best PEO such as our PEO Services Matching Tool.


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Carolyn Sokol is a frequent contributor to and writes about issues that may affect small businesses such as administrative duties which can be handled by employee leasing companies. She is a founder of which helps match small businesses with the best PEO Companies for their particular needs. Her background is in marketing and communications, employee education and training, development of policies and procedures and the ongoing delivery of outstanding service to customers.

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