7 Creative Ways to Find and Develop New Employees

Finding new employees for your small business is a long and tedious process which often yields disappointing results.  A Professional Employer Organization can help make the process both quicker and less painful, enabling you to find the right employees for your growing company.  However, talent acquisition is not simply finding the right people to fill positions; it is the job of the employer to participate in the development and nurturing of their worker’s talent, especially those in an entry-level position.  If a company engages in the development of talent within their organization, they are sometimes able to hire and retain these individuals at a lower overall cost. Overall, training and guiding the employees you hire makes the process of finding and producing talent much less difficult.  This is, of course, assuming you have the time and dedication to devote to this process.  
Seven ways to find and develop new employees:
1.    Become familiar with your local colleges and universities; get to know their administration and students.  Review the different programs within these establishments and understand the credentials of each program’s graduates.  Use this knowledge to help you decide whether the skill sets of the graduates are appropriate for the positions available.

2.    In addition to learning about colleges in your area, get to know individuals from these schools such as the dean, the department chair, and the faculty in the programs that are beneficial to your company.  As these figures of authority get to know you and your company they will recommend to their better students to consider your organization as an employer.

3.    Serve on advisory boards of the programs within the college that best suit your company’s needs.  Sitting on the advisory board is not only an honor but also allows you to see the inner workings of the program and the university as well as influence the curriculum of the programs you are interested in.

4.    Issue internships to those students who stand out.  However, if you are to bring in interns, you must be engaged and involved with them in order to produce the most beneficial results for both your company and the student.

5.    Attend and participate in college fairs.  At times you may not have a job opening when a college fair takes place, nevertheless, it is still a good idea to participate.  This way, the students have the opportunity to meet you and become familiar with your company, while you are able to obtain résumés and interviews with college seniors.  Later down the road, when a position opens, you already have a group of potential employees.

6.    Get involved with alumni.  If you are looking for talent with a little more experience, hosting alumni events, especially alumni from the programs that you are interested in, is an excellent way to find the talent you are looking for.

7.    Perhaps the most direct, realistic, and easiest way to find new employees is to use a Professional Employer Organization that offers recruiting services as an option.  PEOs can provide efficient and talented employees for reasonable prices because they are bundling these services with many other employment services.  By using PEO Services, you don’t have to spend the time to find and train employees and instead can focus on running your business.


In addition, finding new, able employees can be a very difficult and time consuming process.  These 7 tips provide some insight into making the process simpler, allowing the PEO to provide services such as payroll and attractive offerings to round out your talent acquisition plans.  

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