Tips to Help You Choose the Health Plan that's Right for You

Tips to help you choose the health plan that's right for you

If you are reading this open enrollment is most likely right around the corner. That mean's it's time to start thinking about choosing your health plan for next year. Here's some food for thought to get you started.

What's your status?
Do you need a plan for one? Or do you have family members to think about? Your status will affect your cost and your health coverage so be careful to see which plan options best suit your situation.

What's the cost?
There are a few big things to consider about cost. Do you or your family go to the doctor often? Then you might want a plan with a lower deductible and out-of-pocket cost and a higher monthly premium. Don't use your health plan or go to the doctor much? It might be better to choose a plan with a lower monthly premium and higher deductible. Or if you're not sure what might be best, look at what you spent last year and how often you or your family went to the doctor. By doing your research, you can choose a plan that fits your needs.

Who's in the network?
Check out whether your favorite doctor is "in network." How about specialists and hospitals? Are there enough in your area? These are all important points to consider.

Are there wellness benefits?
The easiest way to live healthier is to avoid getting sick. Getting support to lose weight, eat healthier or stay fit is important. So make sure you take a look at the wellness options.

Is a health fund right for you?
If you have the option, enrolling in a health fund (Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account) could help you save. A health fund helps you pay for care with pretax dollars. Learn more. Start planning today for a healthier tomorrow. Read more articles and tips on choosing the right health plan at

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