5 Ways to Create a Culture of Teamwork

How A Culture of Teamwork can create Profits

The culture of many organizations is often an afterthought because owners tend to spend time on the numbers and the sales quotas.   
In this article we have put together 5 best practices that can help the small business owner to realize profits as a result of their employees working together successfully. The argument is that a 'culture of teamwork' will increase profits beyond the team with this culture in place.

1. Build relationships to create loyalty 
   a. Create quarterly goals for employees 
   b. Ensure procedures and training are continuous learning exercises 
   c. Employees should understand each functional role, and how they affect others in their own role 
   d. Develop and then promote your mission statement, which should consider high levels of service and quality 
   e. Do what is right, be honest and forthcoming 

2. Build out your companies 'first impression'
   a. Again build a mission statement that is clear and simple.
   b. Communicate that the first impression has to be the best impression, provide training and workshops to encourage this

3. Develop simple, clear job descriptions, communicate clearly
   a. People like to know the box around their job, it helps them focus on the daily and long term tasks 
   b. Communicate the end result you would like to see and then let your employees respond. 
   c. Ask for feedback, and provide feedback. 

4.  Listen more, talk less
    a. Give very careful, clear instruction. 
    b. Adjust your message to fit each unique personality.
    c. Understand that what people say and mean are two different things, consider body language during your communication

5. Body language counts when speaking to someone

    a. Not only understanding your employees body language, but you also must be aware of your own
    b. As boss, we really cannot let a bad day affect the work environment

One simple way to ensure you have time to work on these 5 areas is to use a PEO or employee leasing company for your HR issues. Managing a business can be challenging and the human factor can take significant effort but we encourage you to plug into the needs and untapped drive your staff already possesses.

About the Author
Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to PEOcompare.com and has experience working for small businesses and employee leasing companies since 1997. He frequently writes about compliance, HRO, PEO insurance, and other issues affecting the small business owner. 

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