Client Stories: How Companies Like Yours Claim Thousands in ERC Credits

PEO ERC creditsAre you a business owner that experienced payroll impacts due to closures or restrictions during Covid-19? Have you explored your eligibility for tax credits from the IRS?

The ERC tax credit is available to business that experienced loss of wages due to restrictions on commerce, travel, or meetings during Covid-19, AND continued paying standard wages to employees during that time. This includes both direct and indirect impacts, which means you could be eligible for thousands of dollars in credits, even if you don’t think you qualify.

You may qualify if: 

  • You experienced a significant decline in P&L in 2021.
  • Your business operations were fully or partially suspended due to a government order in 2020.
  • Your business was required to close during normal working hours OR you were required to close early due to a curfew.
  • You were not able to obtain critical materials or products from suppliers because their operations were suspended.
  • You could not access equipment critical to your operations due to closures.
  • You experienced a delay of more than 2 weeks in moving your operations to remote telework.
  • Many other scenarios also qualify!

To help our readers evaluate their eligibility for ERC credits, we have partnered with BlueWave HR, a firm that has worked with clients to process ERC credits since the program became available in 2020. BlueWave HR has successfully helped hundreds of businesses across many industries successfully file their claims.


Case Stories: How BlueWave HR Has Helped Real Businesses

The process of filing for ERC credits is unique to each company, depending on the impacts you experienced during the pandemic. BlueWave HR’s team of ERC advisors works with each client individually to determine whether you qualify, file your claim, and receive the maximum amount available to you.

Here are just a few of their recent success stories.

Aero - Miami - Aviation Services

Employees: ~50

Aero – Miami is an aviation company that provides FAA repairs and specialty services.

Their CPA was not aware of the wide range of qualifying ERC scenarios and did not initially think they qualified for the credit.

The company was referred to BlueWave HR from another aviation company that had vetted the ERC program, and they learned that they did qualify as an industry impacted by shutdowns and P&L method for 2021.  

Total ERC Credits Claimed: $903,000

Massage Envy - Single Location Franchise, West Coast, FL

Employees: 15

BlueWave HR worked with this franchise location to identify impacts related to clean procedures put in place by the CDC. They also qualified as a recovery startup business in 2021.  Credit for 2020 was $60,000.

2020 Credit: $60,000

Total ERC Credits Claimed: Total ERC Credit $260,000

Natural Foods - Retail Store

Employees: ~50

Natural Foods hadn’t heard of the ERC program until mid-2023. During the pandemic, the experienced supply issues and had staff working remotely, which qualified them for the program. Event thought they did not initially think they would be eligible, BlueWave HR helped them identify qualifying factors and claim more than $1M in credits.

Total ERC Credits Claimed: $1,036,000

Pharma - Vitamin Manufacturer, Miami Lakes

Manufacturing Process Impacts

This client met eligibility requirements due to shortages that impacted their manufacturing process during the pandemic. They initially qualified for $452,000, but BlueWave HR continued to follow up on the 2021 P&L data that we needed to see if they qualified for additional claims.  They did, and they received an additional $1.3MM for 2021.

Total ERC Credits Claimed: $1,752,000


You May Qualify for More Than You Think

It’s not too late to claim ERC credits for 2020 and 2021. As you can see from the case stories, even businesses that don’t initially think they qualify may be eligible for thousands of dollars. If you need help claiming your credits, you can count on BlueWave HR for experienced, knowledgeable support.

Don’t leave money on the table! Contact the team at BlueWave HR today to start the conversation!


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