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Did you know you might be eligible for thousands of dollars in payroll tax credits from the IRS?

If you experienced loss of wages due to restrictions on commerce, travel, or meetings during Covid-19, AND you continued paying standard wages to employees during that time, you may qualify.


Are You Eligible for ERTC Credits?

BlueWave HR BlueWaveHR has been working with clients to process ERC credits since the program became available in 2020, and we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of industries file their claims.

We understand that the process of filing is unique to each client, so we always take time to talk with you individually about your eligibility. As your trusted ERC advisors, our team can help you determine whether you qualify, file your claim, and receive the maximum amount available to you. 

Here are just a few of the clients we've helped:

Aero - Miami - Aviation Services
Employees: ~50
Total ERC Credits Claimed: $903,000

Massage Envy - Single Location Franchise
Employees: 15
Total ERC Credits Claimed: Total ERC Credit $260,000

Natural Foods - Retail Store
Employees: ~50
Total ERC Credits $1,036,000

Pharma - Vitamin Manufacturer
Manufacturing Process Impacts
Total ERC Credits $1,752,000

BlueWave HR offers a complete Human Capital Management solution in addition to the complex task of processing your ERC credits for 2020 and 2021.

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