KimstaffHR Case Study: Implementation—Putting it in Motion

KimstaffHR Case Study: Implementation—Putting it in Motion

“The transition went very smoothly and was very well received by our employees. We’re pleased we made the switch.” Paul G. Owner

Prior to joining KimstaffHR we were with a large national PEO for over 5 years. Working with a PEO not based in California made it difficult to keep up with complex California laws and was becoming increasingly frustrating. Our contacts were constantly changing and the web-technology wasn’t completely accurate or where we needed it to be for our multiple locations.

Switching PEO providers was a decision we carefully considered since we have fifteen locations in California. The logistics of transitioning over 75 employees, their payroll, benefits, 401(k) plan, and timekeeping without disruption to our business was something we considered key to the success of our partnership with KimstaffHR.

The differences with KimstaffHR…
Smooth, seamless and well organized implementation. We were very pleased with KimstaffHR’s transition and on-boarding process. Their Implementation Manager proved to be an excellent liaison between KimstaffHR and our departments, multiple locations, and employees. The meetings KimstaffHR held with our employees were helpful and made everyone feel well cared for throughout the process. The conversion of our 401(k) plan to Transamerica, KimstaffHR’s 401(k) provider, far surpassed our expectations.

Fully integrated HRIS and web-based timekeeping. KimstaffHR’s web-based time and attendance system has completely automated timekeeping, approval, and time-off requests saving countless hours and headaches. KimstaffHR’s paperless technology completely
eliminated payroll faxing and subsequent report printing and has enabled us to focus on our core business. The time we’ve saved with KimstaffHR’s streamlined and user friendly systems has had a positive financial impact.

Working with a California PEO is very helpful. As a California employer, we are subject to some of the most stringent and increasingly complex employment laws in the nation. With KimstaffHR based in California, we no longer worry about navigating and keeping abreast of the latest developments. We rest assured knowing that KimstaffHR’s experienced Human Resources professionals keep us compliant and informed.