Why are ADP TotalSource and Insperity not on PEOcompare.com?

FAQUpdate: As of June 2013, ADP has sent us their information and they are now included in all of the comparison and search results. Thanks, ADP!

We have 30+ of the industry’s top PEO companies listed on PEOcompare.com. I believe we offer a great mix of state, regional and national PEOs, each offering their unique solutions for various industries and company size ranges.

There are a handful of additional PEO companies however, that we are looking at actively adding to the site. These additional vendors represent well-known names in the PEO industry. Our visitors are eager to compare these professional employer organizations with the other HR outsourcing firms on the market. In fact, I’m frequently asked by our visitors why these vendors aren’t on PEOcompare.

Sometimes their clients access our site looking to compare the services they are currently receiving and yet their offerings are still not listed.

So, if these vendors are so important, why are they not on the site? The truth is they just won’t return my phone call. Seriously, I wish I could tell you something more exciting but that’s it. Being a creative gal I have tried other approaches. I have tried to contact them using Linkedin, I’ve talked to sales reps and brokers for those companies and I’ve sent emails. I traveled all the way to Texas from Tampa for the NAPEO convention to meet these guys face to face. I got cards but no returned calls when I got back.

Now I’m calling them out with the blog. ADP and Insperity call me.

My visitors and I would like to see you guys on the site. For me, for them, and for all of humanity, join us.

My number is 727-940-3786 or you can email me at c.sokol@PEOcompare.com.