Why PEOs Make Sense For Small Business Owners

Why peos make senseAs a small business owner, you know it takes a lot of grunt work to keep your business running. The more of that work you can delegate, the more time you will have to invest in the growth of your business. Let’s look at some ways a PEO can help your business thrive:

Save Time—By delegating your HR responsibilities to the PEO, you can shift your focus to business critical tasks like strategy, marketing, and talent acquisition. If HR responsibilities take up 25% of your time, that’s at least ten hours a week you can recoup.

Save MoneyNAPEO reports that small businesses can save as much as 35% on HR administration costs when they work with a PEO as compared with the average money spent on HR by non-PEO companies. In addition, PEOs can save you money on fees and fines associated with non-compliance or missed deadlines.

Improve Service Offerings—PEOs can offer deeper services than most small businesses can afford to handle on their own. For example, many PEOs offer assistance with compensation planning, performance reviews, recruiting, employee training, workforce metrics and analysis, and even personality testing for improved decision making. Business owners can take advantage of these services and still pay less than they would by managing HR on their own.

Lower Turnover Rates—Small businesses that work with a PEO consistently experience between 10% and 14% lower turnover rates than their counterparts who go it alone.

Support Growth—Growth comparisons between small businesses that partner with a PEO and comparable businesses that do not consistently demonstrate stronger employment growth for PEO clients.

But Won't I Lose Control of Parts of My Business?

This is one of the most common misconceptions we hear from small business owners about partnering with a PEO. The good news is that it’s simply not true. You retain full control over hiring and termination decisions, day-to-day operations, compensation decisions, business growth and direction, employee management, performance assessments, and all other business critical activities. But you’ll be able to delegate the administrative burden of payroll, benefits administration, compliance, and other HR services to the PEO.

PEOs specialize in these responsibilities, and because they manage a pool of thousands of employees, they can often give you better rates and more options in terms of benefits and insurance. Many PEOs focus on specific industries, which means they know the details about compliance and risk in your field and they stay up to date on new guidelines and regulations.

Let Us Help You Find the Best PEO Fit For Your Small Business

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