Spotlight on MyBackOffice

question and answerMyBackOffice was created to make outsourced human resources services available to small businesses and start-ups with fewer than 20 employees. By offering comprehensive payroll, benefits, and human resources services to clients, MyBackOffice helps small business owners run their business successfully while giving them the freedom to focus on their core competencies.

We spoke with My Back Office to learn more about what partnering with a PEO looks like for a small business:

1.  Are you able to provide me with more affordable health insurance than I can find on my own?

MyBackOffice: This depends on the number of people in your company and whether we go with group or individual benefit products. Our goal is to help you put together the best benefit package for your business and to help you contain costs.

2.  Can I customize my benefit packages?

MyBackOffice: Absolutely. We can offer as little or as much to your employees as you would like as long as you are under the 50 employee mark. Packages can include dental plans, vision plans, life insurance, workman’s compensation, disability, AD&D, 401K plans, and flexible savings accounts.

3.  What does it take to get an employee up and running on your service? How does your onboarding process work?

MyBackOffice: Onboarding is easy. We utilize an online portal that allows the employees to register themselves electronically. This includes all federal forms such as I-9s, W4s, and others. We can typically have someone set for payroll in as little as week.

4.  You talk about the employee self-service offering. Why is this a benefit to my business?

MyBackOffice: Our online portal gives employees easy access to the information they need and allows them to fill out forms electronically. This saves the business time and keeps internal processes streamlined.

5.  How much interaction is there between the PEO and the actual workers? Does a liaison come to my office?

MyBackOffice: We are here to run your back office in the same way that you would if you hired a person directly to your team. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible so that you can focus on growing your business. Employees have access to consulting and guidance regarding day-to-day issues, performance reviews, complex employee questions, and FMLA claims.

6.  If my employees have an issue, who do they talk to? Do they contact the PEO directly or does everything have to go through me?

MyBackOffice: We prefer that you screen the inquiries so you’re aware of the issues your employees may have.

7.  How much liability goes to the PEO vs. the business owner if there is a legal action against the company (sexual harassment, wrongful termination, etc.)? How much assistance do you provide in settling these disputes and at what cost to me?

MyBackOffice: The worksite employer is still solely responsible for any claims against them. We do provide assistance with unemployment claims but wrongful termination suits, harassment claims, etc. are the sole responsibility of the worksite employer. We do not provide any legal assistance with these claims.

8.  Does the PEO have an in-house lawyer that I have access to for consultations? Is there an additional fee for this?

MyBackOffice: We do have an attorney on staff that can give guidance regarding employee issues; however, we do not provide full consultation or representation.

9.  Who handles state unemployment taxes and claims? Do I have to do anything, and what is the extent of my involvement?

MyBackOffice: Our third party employer, Modern Business Associates (MBA) handles all unemployment claims. We will also handle all necessary state and federal tax deductions and file taxes.

10.  I’ve read about losing control of certain aspects of my business if I go with a PEO. What specifically can I not do, or do I need PEO approval to do, once I sign up?

MyBackOffice: Any rules and regulations regarding employee policies are the sole responsibility of the worksite employer. We offer no guidelines on maternity leave, sick time, PTO, etc.

11.  How do you assure me you have remitted my state and federal taxes?

MyBackOffice: We provide summaries of the taxes paid and we are always available for questions.

12.  What makes your PEO unique?

MyBackOffice: We offer high touch, personalized service that our larger competitors cannot offer. Our team takes pride in developing a relationship with our clients that allows us to become a trusted partner in the running of their business. You speak to the same team each and every time and our turn -around time is usually within the same business day. There are no call center queues or “assigned reps” with MBO. We treat you like family.

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