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Strategic Outsourcing, Inc. is now part of the TriNet family
The TriNet SOI HR Solution could be a good fit for your business depending on your needs.

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TriNet Becomes Nation’s Largest Independent Professional Employer Organization, Closing Acquisition of Strategic Outsourcing, Inc.TriNet PEO

SOI is one of the nation’s leading Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). With clients in all 50 states, including North Carolina, and representing more than $2.5 billion in annual payroll, and having been in business on a national basis since 1995, SOI is one of the largest and most tenured PEOs in the country. SOI delivers state of the art human resources and risk management solutions to our clients, along with “best of breed” partners that small and medium-sized businesses may not be able to access on their own. SOI seeks to become a trusted member of our clients’ strategic teams, aligning our services to help our clients fulfill their visions.
Payroll Administration
Leave the headaches to us. SOI focuses on consistently delivering timely and accurate payrolls, and alleviates the responsibility and liability associated with processing payroll and tax deposits. Our experienced staff of payroll professionals performs the following services:
  • Payroll processing and distribution
  • Tax deposits and payments
  • W-2 preparation and year-end distribution
  • Deductions for benefits, garnishments, liens and child support orders
  • Payroll reports, including job costing and certified payroll reporting
  • Full-time, online payroll reporting through the SOI Portal
  • Automated time clock and attendance systems support
  • Direct deposits
Workers' Compensation Management
Safety in the workplace is everyone's business. SOI uses "A" rated carriers and on-site safety managers to create a tailored, comprehensive loss-prevention strategy to minimize risks in your business. Coverage under this benefit is inclusive in our fee and "pay-as-you-go." No advance premiums or deposits are required to receive the following services:
  • Claims management and administration
  • Drug-free workplace assistance
  • Toll-free claim reporting
SOI utilizes a team of highly trained safety managers, claims consultants, and nurse care managers dedicated to professional safety and risk management services. Their experience in implementing proven and proactive safety practices in loss-prevention techniques helps ensure a safe work environment. Their duties include:
  • Establishing safety procedures
  • Making safety recommendations
  • Implementing loss prevention techniques
  • Providing nurse case management
  • Light-duty back-to-work programs
Employee Benefits Management
There's strength in numbers. By pooling together tens of thousands of employees, SOI is able to provide better benefits at more affordable rates on a wide variety of plans. Access to better benefits improves employee morale and helps reduce the expense and disruption of employee turnover. SOI is responsible for:
  • Health and welfare plans; medical, dental, vision
  • Retirement plan
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Employee assistance plan
  • 529 college savings program
  • Mortgage discount program
  • Entertainment benefits
  • Claims administration
  • Eligibility tracking
  • Enrollment and communication of employee benefits
  • Nationwide, toll-free support line for employee questions
Human Resources and Compliance
"Take care of your people and your people will take care of business". Through the unique PEO relationship, SOI becomes responsible for managing the following administrative tasks, while also helping assure that you remain in compliance with the myriad of ever-changing, mandated governmental requirements:
  • Employee file maintenance
  • Human resources forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Recruiting and hiring practices assistance
  • Pre-employment background checks (for a nominal fee)
  • Unemployment claims management
  • Required worksite posters
  • COBRA and HIPAA administration
  • On-site and telephone support available
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
It pays to be protected. Which is why SOI offers Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage to our customers.
The question for any organization is no longer whether it will face an employment practices claim, but rather how much such a claim will cost them - not only in terms of money, but also "soft" costs like damage to reputation and brand image, company morale and the business owner's time and peace of mind.
EPLI is a key component of a comprehensive loss control strategy that protects you against claims (including lawsuits and administrative proceedings such as EEOC charges) filed by employees, former employees, and applicants for employment alleging discrimination (such as on the basis of race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, and disability), harassment (such as sexual harassment), wrongful termination, illegal retaliation, and wrongful failure to hire.

SOI believes that EPLI coverage is just one component of a comprehensive loss control strategy. The best way to minimize the risk and damage of employment practices claims is to avoid having them. As a customer of SOI you have access to our entire range of HR services. SOI can help you institute the right policies and procedures to help you make good hiring decisions and address problems before they become lawsuits, as well as provide training to your managers and supervisors. Perhaps most importantly, you can call our HR experts any time you need advice or a sounding board.

At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.