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Global Employment Outsourcing
Gain an automatic workforce presence in over 179 countries.

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Discover growth through better managed global outsourcing.

Global deployment of human capitalWe combine data-driven expertise and innovative payroll technology to remove barriers for the global deployment of human capital.

Global Employment Outsourcing

GEO is designed to enable rapid and precise deployment in any market, any time, anywhere around the world. At Safeguard, we do it quickly, on budget, and in total compliance.

How Global Employment Outsourcing Works

Through Global Employment Outsourcing, Safeguard Global acts as your “employer of record” for your international employees. We navigate local tax and labor laws, regulations and benefits, so you get down to business without a moment wasted.

  1. Onboarding Call - Every country has unique legislation regarding local taxes, labor laws and regulations, in-country benefits. In this call, we guide you through each and every one of them, so you can make informed decisions.
  2. Validate Data Upfront - Contracts are everything. As is getting them right. We prepare employment contracts, with a keen eye for any customization options your company should require, compliance with legal statutes and local market-accepted practices.
  3. Employee Begins Work - Upon your final review and approval of the employment contract, your employee begins work. While reporting day-to-day to your organization, the employee remains compliantly employed by us.
  4. Pay Employee and Remit Taxes - All payroll and expense payments to your employees are administered by us, including payments and tax filings to local authorities. We work alongside you to manage any ongoing HR issues, including any terminations, as required.
  5. Simple Billing - Billing is simple, efficient and accurate. You receive a single invoice per country detailing your employees’ salary, social costs, commissions, and service fees.

Global Managed Payroll

Build global workforces faster with error-free compliance.

How Global Managed Payroll Works
Global payroll handled in-house can be a lot of work. Safeguard Global Managed Payroll offers an efficient, accurate outsource solution. It combines innovative technology with human expertise on a local level to reduce compliance errors to near zero while offering both end-to-end reporting and end process reconciliation, regardless of location.

This creates month-to-month system consistency, enabling companies to spend less time on the business of managing payroll around the world and more time on other decisions that positively affect their business.

  1. Integrate with Human Capital Management - Each Human Resource Information System integration is different. Partnering with companies like (insert any of our vendors), we provide consistency and uniformity across your payroll environment. Through our pre-certified Human Capital Management integrations, we drive payroll processes directly from your master system of record.
  2. Validate Data Upfront - Wherever around the world you deploy a workforce, we’re there to validate data such as zero-to-gross pay, before it gets processed, and according to local requirements in the respective country.
  3. Distribute to Local Partner - Our in-country partner calculates gross-to-net, ensuring accordance with local statutory guidelines.
  4. End Process Reconciliation - As an extra level of validation, Safeguard Payroll Specialists validate all Safeguard generated outputs against client inputs. Now you receive accurate payroll the first time, every time – and in your choice of currency and language.
  5. Payroll with a Worldview - Working from one source and with standardized delivery of payroll inputs and outputs, our Unity platform enables your data to become much more than just numbers. You have gained powerful data visualization tools and now your workforce data becomes a story to captivate and inspire the C-suite.

Our Clients rely on us to manage the payroll for thousands of global workers. Managing personal information safely and securely is a critical tenet of our service.

At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.