Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll to a PEO

Payroll for the average small business owner consumes time and resources that will usually frustrate the employer. Having to ensure you are up to date on the newest taxes and reforms for your employees' paycheck can be a tedious, ongoing task. Even though doing payroll yourself might save you short term cash, chances are you may find that it is not worth the trouble in the long run. Therefore, outsourcing payroll should be taken as a serious option. The following are a few simple reasons why outsourcing payroll will greatly benefit you and your business.

1.  Time
When you bring yourself up to date with the newest tax regulations, you are definitely spending unnecessary time as experts are readily available. Your precious hours should be used on your businesses growth, not learning the intricacies of payroll. Large businesses can afford to have a specialist that only processes payroll, but you don’t have this luxury.

2.  Risk
One mistake in payroll and you put yourself and your business at risk. Something that goes unnoticed, even an innocent mistake, can create long term problems. Ideally you want to identify mistakes immediately, and even better, make sure mistakes do not occur, as both cost you time away from your business. Outsourcing your payroll lets the payroll company have some accountability for errors and payroll is their business.

3.  Consistency
Everyone likes consistency in life. It’s nice knowing what to expect, whether it’s the fixed cost of running your business or ensuring that payroll filing and paychecks are consistent and accurate. While the payroll portion of your business is taken care of you can ensure that the rest of your business is consistent. Of course your customers will appreciate you providing reliability in your business as well.

Outsourcing Payroll is an option that every single business owner should consider. One way to do this is to hire a PEO or Professional Employer Organization. PEOs can help with even more of your small business needs, from human resources, payroll, worker’s compensation and additional medical benefit options. So, like the payroll outsourcer, the PEO will process your payroll, deliver checks, perform direct deposits and file your payroll taxes. PEO companies offer additional services to help you with your small business needs. The brief reasons above should be considered whether you work with a PEO or go with your typical payroll outsourcer.

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Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to and has experience working for small businesses and employee leasing companies since 1997. 

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