Our goal is to give our clients the benefits and state-of-the-art technology that large companies have to offer, and the personal service and flexibility that smaller companies deliver. 

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From the moment you hire your first employee, you enter into a world of new responsibilities. As an employer, you will be faced with a wide range of human resource issues to administer.

As a certified professional employer organization (PEO), we take care of those HR services. Our industry-leading technology platform delivers all of your employment-related needs in one secure place.

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  • Human Resources - Sorting through the moving pieces of employment can be difficult. That’s why a highly skilled and certified human resources department is crucial to your company. Your major problem is our piece of cake.
  • Benefits - You can attract and retain the best employees with a top notch benefits package. We administer it all from top to bottom, handling every enrollment, every question, and every bill so you don't have to.
  • Payroll - Paychecks should always be accurate. Your employees are entitled to a flawless payroll experience, and we work tirelessly to make that a reality.
  • Risk & Compliance - Injuries happen. And even though you know you need a cast for a broken bone, you may not know the best course of action when an employee gets hurt on the job. At Nextep, our team can get them the help they need while guiding you through the post-injury process.

 We Believe In...

Nextep Values


Our Mission:  To provide exceptional service through a commitment to integrity, technology, and above all, our people.

Our Values:  Elevating the employment experience and enriching people’s lives. We realize it’s a lofty statement, but it serves as our compass. It drives every business decision we make, every phone call we answer, and every employee we hire.

Our Promise:  To make employment easier. As a small business owner, HR manager, or employee, we want to make your day at work better and more manageable. This audacious goal is our guiding light, the solution we strive to be.

At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.