The Common Thread Among the World’s Most Powerful

What do media tycoon, Robert Murdoch, billionaire, Warren Buffet, and the Dalai Lama all have in common? They are leaders. Leadership is an extremely useful characteristic in the business community and is also highly coveted one. Those in business whom display leadership are generally very successful and are much needed in today’s corporations and industries. However, it is difficult for companies to find talent with the ambition and drive needed to become a future business leader. Fortunately, employers can use Professional Employer Organizations to seek out the people they’re looking for, the future leaders of their business and the business community as a whole. When on the search for these assets to your company, look for these seven traits to tell you whether your potential employee is the leader your company needs.

1. A leader should radiate with self-esteem. This is one of the most important characteristics of an effective leader. If the person does not have confidence in themselves, no one else will either. Thus, they will not be able to manage a project or lead a group. 

2. A leader must be able to scope out opportunities as well as act resourcefully. In order for a company and it’s employees to grow and develop, their leader should be able to find, consider, and act upon new opportunities. A missed opportunity could mean the difference between a small business and a billion dollar corporation. Founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg found that right opportunity and are now some of the most wealthiest men in the world. 

3. A leader who is not also a risk taker, is not a leader. As mentioned before, business leaders are often faced with important decisions and opportunities which could make or break their companies and their careers. Leaders must know when to make a gamble and when to play it safe. 

4. Leaders always have the desire to achieve the greatest possible result. Anything less than perfection will not do for the most effective leaders. Even technology tycoons, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, aim to perfect anything and everything within their business, from their business structure to their latest products. These men are two of the most powerful men on earth, due to their excellent leadership qualities. 

5. Communication is key. If a potential employee is having difficulty communicating with you, he or she will never be able to communicate with and effectively lead his or her workers. 

6. In order to motivate others to efficiently produce quality work, one must be able to motivate himself to do the same. Leaders without this sense of internal motivation, determination, and drive, are no more than a mediocre employee. 

7. Finally, optimism. Although it may sound trite, optimism is what separates average business men and women from the great leaders of both the business and world community. If that potential employee doesn’t have faith that he or she can get the job done, that he or she can get that promotion, that he or she can one day run your company, then that person is not right for you.

Take these characteristics into consideration when on the lookout for your next employee. The right person could change your small business into a large billion dollar corporation. Also keep these in mind when you yourself lead your employees. Could you be the next Michael Duke?

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