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Years in Business


Landrum Professional is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), which allows us to offer employers benefits and services that rival those offered by much larger companies. In fact, Landrum was the first Florida PEO accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). Because both Landrum Professional and the client company have an employment relationship with the employee, we assume responsibility for the "business of employment," from health insurance to payroll tax compliance and risk management. The result is Landrum Professional establishing an employment relationship with the employee while providing a complete human resource and employee benefit package.

Landrum Professional gives employees seeking financial security, quality health insurance, a safe working environment, and opportunities for retirement savings the peace of mind their goals are being managed. By shifting these responsibilities to Landrum, employers gain greater command of the core revenue-generating aspects of their businesses.

You don’t just have a company. You have a vision.

But realizing it when there are so many personnel needs is not always easy. Health insurance, unemployment claims,  payroll administration, legal and regulatory compliance can bog you down. Employee issues can take time and energy away from improving your bottom line.

Outsourcing HR increases income.

Landrum Professional can help. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in your employees. We offer a wide variety of human resource tools that will make your business run more efficiently.

Protection and Assurance.

Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. was the first Florida PEO accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), an indication of the professionalism we bring to the table.  Additionally, Landrum Professional is proud to be the first Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the nation receiving certification under Workers’ Compensation Best Practices Certification Program.

Landrum is privileged to be a 2007 recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for performance excellence, as well as recognized nationally as one of the 25 best places to work in America. We’re also a Florida Trend Top 200 Private Company. Our average staff tenure is 12 years. It stands to reason that since we know how to create a great work environment and retain good workers at our own company, we can help you do the same at yours.

Offer your employees Fortune 500 benefits without paying a fortune.

Now even small companies can offer big benefits. Landrum Professional accesses the very best health insurance and retirement programs and makes them available to you and your employees. Through the “umbrella” of a PEO you can offer your employees benefits you couldn’t afford alone.

Make payroll? No problem.

Calculating payroll and payroll taxes can be taxing. Landrum Professional’s team and payroll experts make cutting checks cutting edge. We compute and prepare your payroll, process deductions, make deposits, pay taxes and keep track of employee earnings records.

Relax. We keep you up to regulation.

Does keeping up with government regulations keep you up at night? Landrum Professional makes sure you stay on top of all state and federal employment regulations. You’ll receive a comprehensive compliance manual and a customized employee handbook. And our unique programs also provide an added layer of protection, assuming many of the responsibilities and risks associated with being an employer.

Untangling unemployment and worker’s comp.

The responsibility of managing unemployment and worker’s compensation can be unnerving. Our experts can steer you through these claims providing the very best for your company and your employees. We also provide assistance with COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA.

Our business is your people.

At Landrum we’ve built our reputation on people and service. Now we want to help you build your company by allowing you to spend more time managing your business and less time handling the hassles.

At PEOcompare.com we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.