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As a leading California Professional Employer Organization (PEO), GHRO Total Solutions provides integrated services designed to streamline the cost and complexities of HR management, employee benefits, payroll, Workers’ Compensation and more. We offer this through a unique and seamless co-employment model that provides the benefits of a highly-staffed HR team without the overhead costs.

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In a PEO/co-employment relationship, our clients continue to direct the day-to-day duties and activities of their employees. However, because the PEO takes on the majority of HR management chores, your time is freed to focus on what matters most – your business. At the same time, we contractually assume certain rights, responsibilities, and risks on your behalf, particularly in the area of Workers Compensation. We become the “employer of record” on an employee’s W-2, which means we deliver and manage employee benefits, payroll processing and tax administration, workers’ compensation, state unemployment insurance, EEOC claims, and much more.

Why Outsource to a PEO?

The advantages of outsourcing HR management are clear and compelling:

  • More productive use of time and resources—companies can devote internal resources and capital funds to revenue-generating activities.
  • Improved business focus on producing and delivering goods and services – not HR paperwork and compliance issues.
  • Guidance from experts from across the business spectrum Access to state-of-th e-art HRMS technology,  training and development, Fortune 500®-level benefits and much more.
  • When you outsource your HR management to GHRO, you get expert support and guidance in all areas of HR, including  employee relations, health benefits and 401(k), payroll and taxes, risk management, workplace safety, compliance and more.
  • You have the benefits and human resources support of a big company even though your are not one.


With nearly 100 years of HR experience, our dedicated staff has the expertise, flexibility, and price to meet just about any HR challenge your company can encounter. Focus on what matters. Let GHRO take care of the rest.

  • HR Plus – an additional support resource for your HR team, HR Plus  has all the benefits of the HR Essentials package, plus it provides you with  a customized turnover reduction strategy, employee productivity/leveraging resources, and four hours of consulting time per employee.
  • HR Essentials – for basic HR support with payroll, Worker’s Comp, benefits,  and compliance, this package provides Asset Protection, Cost Containment  Strategies, and HR systemization including unemployment filings and claims and government-required paperwork.
  • HR Total Solutions – a complete and comprehensive HR partnership that includes things like incentive pay plans, employee  surveys, health and wellness programs, and unlimited on-site.


At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.