Employer Services Corporation

Innovating Human Resources in WNY Since 1995

Providing HR Services to Buffalo & Rochester, NY Companies

Headquartered in Amherst, NY

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What sets ESC apart, leading the company to be a recipient of the INC 500 award 5 times in its 17 year history?

It’s a strict focus on... Earning Customer Loyalty

ESC re-defines what it means to deliver excellent customer service.  When businesses experience the “ESC way”, they don’t want to go back, as demonstrated by a customer-retention rate of over 98%.

Employer Services Corporation (ESC)’s unique service model provides unparalleled expertise in the areas of strategic HR planning and consulting, compliance assurance, employee benefits procurement and administration, and payroll that has significantly contributed to the profitable growth of hundreds of businesses since its inception in 1995.


Hiring the Very Best

ESC’s professionals are far more than technically skilled or experienced HR professionals.  They are the leaders of leaders, possessing passion and dedication for the values that ESC was built on, in addition to being talented, successful professionals.  At ESC, we all believe that our customers’ success is our success and our customers’ goals are our goals.

Delivering Quality and Value Every Day

At ESC, we take our role in your business very seriously.  We strive to deliver only the best as we provide you time and peace of mind, so that you can focus on your true passion.

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is the secret weapon of today’s most successful businesses, and it’s the secret weapon of ESC as well.   In addition to the legal and administrative HR tasks that we are handling for our customers on a daily basis, our proprietary HR Strategy is developed and implemented into your business, propelling you ahead of your competitors.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Enhanced Value Offering: For entrepreneurs seeking a solution, which encompasses all aspects of human resources. Includes payroll & benefits administration, HR compliance initiatives, and HR strategic initiatives that help you become an “employer of choice”.
  • Value Offering: For entrepreneurs seeking a solution which encompasses specific aspects of human resources. Includes payroll & benefits administration and HR compliance initiatives.
  • HR Consulting Offering: For companies seeking a stand-alone human resource solution. Includes HR compliance initiatives and HR strategic initiatives customized and tailored specifically to meet your human resources needs.

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