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Advantec delivers HR, Payroll and Benefits Services 
to small and mid-sized companies.

Since its founding in 1998, Advantec has grown to support HR 
Business Process Outsourcing for thousands of clients, nationwide.

Advantec differentiates itself from other providers through its world class technology, high-touch service model and a variety of flexible solutions to meet the widest range of unique client needs.

Advantec’s solutions are co-employment outsourcing (PEO) and full-service human resources outsourcing (HRO).

Advantec is a One Source Solutions Provider of:
  •      HR Consultants Experienced in HR and Risk Compliance
  •      Subject Matter Experts in HR, Payroll, Risk and Benefits
  •      Vendor Management
  •      High Touch Advantec Advantage Tower Service Model
  •      Robust Technology Delivery (SaaS- software as a service business model)
  •      Flexible Benefits Administration
  •      Fortune 500 Quality Benefits Offering
Leverage Advantec’s Solution to meet your five biggest HR challenges.

Managing Risk & Compliance

  •      Preventing Workers’ Comp losses through a more proactive loss prevention program
  •      Filing payroll taxes and limiting exposure to penalties and interest
  •      Maintaining HR Compliance in areas such as sexual harassment, EEOC, discrimination & hiring practices
  •      Managing benefits compliance for HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, etc.

 Advantec’s Solution

  •      HR Compliance and Best Practices Guidance provided by SPHR certified Human Capital Consultants
  •      Risk Management Services provided by experienced, certified Risk Control Consultants
  •      Integrated, Proprietary HRIS to support Payroll and Tax Compliance
  •      Benefits Administration to support Benefits and Regulatory Compliance

 Access to Technology

  •      Access to HR & employee benefit data to support Human Capital decisions
  •      Employee Self-Service access for open enrollments, life event changes, and viewing and printing 
          employee payroll information and W-2s
  •      Manager-level Self-Service to support job and salary administration, track PTO balances, and handle compensation  
  •      Disaster Recovery to manage employee payroll in the event of a disaster

 Advantec’s Solution
  •      Technology delivery through a Fully Integrated, Proprietary HRIS
  •      State-of-the-Art Disaster Recovery System
  •      Employee and Manager Self-Service
  •      Reliability of a scalable and secure platform – 99.5% up-time
  •      Web Hosted Time and Attendance

Reducing Administrative Burdens

  •      Payroll processing & distribution
  •      Tax filing, Garnishment administration
  •      Unemployment claims management
  •      HR workforce administration for employee life cycle management
  •      Benefits administration– Open enrollment, life event changes, COBRA & FSA

 Advantec's Solution

  •      Full Payroll & Tax Management Services -- Tax filing & reporting, garnishment administration
  •      HR Workforce Administration -- New hires, terminations, unemployment, background screening & drug testing
  •      Benefits Administration
  •      Fully automated, self-service enrollments
  •      Remittance, carrier feeds, reconciliation
  •      COBRA, FSA, etc.
  •      Vendor Management
  •      401(k) Administration

Strategic HR

  •      Talent acquisition, management and retention
  •      Compensation and performance management
  •      Learning and development
  •      Succession planning

 Advantec’s Solution

  •      Strategic HR Consulting from experienced, credentialed (PHR/SPHR) professionals
  •      Scheduled Strategic Planning Meetings with senior management
  •      Access to Recruiting Services, support and expertise
  •      Professional Learning and Development training courses
  •      HR Best Practices for compensation and performance management

Access to Improved/Lower Cost Benefits

   •     Quality national benefits offering to attract and retain top talent
   •     Top rated workers’ compensation protection for all employees
   •     Simplified cash flow management for workers’ compensation

 Advantec’s Solution

  •      Aetna National Group Health Plans
  •      Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation
  •      Fortune 500 Level Ancillary Benefits
  •      Predictable and Competitive Costs
  •      401(k) Offering with 5 Star Rated Funds
Comprehensive, Client-centric Service Delivery Model, Integrated, proprietary HRIS technology, Flexible Benefits Administrative Services

At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.