5 Steps to Better Employee Morale

employee moraleManaging a business isn’t just about producing a great product and interacting with clients. It’s also about investing in your employees so that they deliver good results and develop loyalty to the job. Retention efforts hinge on keeping employee morale high, creating a positive work environment, and helping workers feel valued and appreciated. As you build your company, you also need to build your employees.

Investing in Employees Builds Loyalty

Loyal employees will stay with your business longer and will encourage their friends and family to use your services or buy your products. They may also be able to suggest a friend or relative who would be a good fit for your next open position. So how can you create a better relationship with your employees?

  1. Major on Communication—Communication is the key to all good relationships, including those at work. Approachable managers who communicate clearly tend to keep their employees longer than those who remain distant. One-on-one meetings between direct managers and employees, feedback about how an employee is doing (apart from a formal review), and clearly articulated expectations all help employees feel more confident in their roles.

  2. Clear Benefits Expectations—Benefits should be clearly communicated during the interview process so that there are no surprises once the employee comes on board. As changes to the benefits package occur, communicate those changes in a timely fashion. If you use a PEO to handle your benefits, make sure employees know who they can go to with a question or concern.

  3. Meaningful Work—People want to know that what they do matters. Of course, not every job is equally engaging, but it’s important that employees know how their roles connect with and support the overall vision of the company. Whenever possible, encourage continuing education and professional development, and give employees the opportunity to self-manage using their skill sets.

  4. Celebrate Progress—Whether it’s reaching a sales goal or completing a website design, employee accomplishments deserve to be celebrated. Let employees know that you value what they do.

  5. Provide Management Training—Poor managers contribute significantly to a loss of employee morale. Train your managers in communication and leadership skills, and allow employees to offer feedback on their direct managers as a way of improving your employer brand.

Happy Employees, Strong Brand

Not only will investing in your current employees create better productivity and allow your business to be more successful in the long run, but it will also boost your employer brand. Personal and professional network connections are responsible for 80% of the jobs that are successfully filled, and your employees will be your best brand ambassadors if you create a positive work atmosphere that allows them to flourish. Keep your employees happy, and they will help your business succeed both in the marketplace and in the recruitment office.

Source: recruitingblogs.com