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Tri-State PEO offers recruitment, employee screening, training and administrative processing for our clients. We also incorporate our professional employment package with our staffing model which provides our clients with a choice of value added services. Tri-State PEO is one of a select number of employment service companies that can offer this comprehensive menu of products.

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Tri-State PEO is a full-service HR Outsourcing company.

We provide a complete back office suite of services including a payroll team, worker’s compensation insurance experts and a complete human resources department. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders and let you concentrate on what is most important: growing your business.

Working with Tri-State PEO helps you ensure a safer workplace and control worker’s compensation costs. Our mission is to develop and maintain an integrated, multi-disciplinary program to effectively manage and preserve the resources, assets and liabilities of your clients. Our safety and workers’ compensation professionals deliver efficiency, excellence and complete satisfaction resulting in favorable rates while minimizing unwanted risk.

By partnering with Tri-State PEO your company can:

Contain costs and reallocate resources by outsourcing employee benefits and services, human resources management, payroll and employee administration, worker’s compensation and loss control services.

Make it easier to hire employees, not only in-state, but across the country as well, without having to worry about all the paperwork associated with hiring a new employee.

Ten Reasons to Partner with Tri-State Employer Services:

  1. Control administrative costs while saving you time and money
  2. Dramatically reduces administrative time and paperwork
  3. Ensure compliance with state and federal laws/regulations
  4. Reduce employee turnover
  5. Attract qualified employees
  6. Enhance workforce morale
  7. Simplify claims management of worker’s compensation & unemployment
  8. Improve HR with handbooks, manuals, forms, policies and procedures
  9. Reduce accounting costs
  10. Focus on generating revenue for your business 

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At we strive to streamline the PEO selection process so that you, the small business owner, can escape the bordom of HR as quickly and painlessly as possible.