Government Compliance - Fighting Off Big Brother

Each year, intimidating government regulations change. Potential employees expect increasingly more
benefits, and for the small business owner scrutinizing over the fine print of employee-related matters is in itself a full-time job.

All too often, the elusive details in these new policies prove to be so obscure that even Sherlock Holmes
would overlook them.

But when Big Brother comes around and your company isn’t in top-notch shape and up-to-date on standards…CRACK! The whip of the law sounds off, and at a minimum, some fines will have to be paid.

Yet, most small businesses don’t have the trained expertise or time to bother with all these shifting policies
and still be able to handle the numerous employee benefit options.  It is especially difficult in our current
economy, where it’s hard for most businesses to get off the ground and sometimes even harder for them to stay afloat. 

Because of this, many companies are turning to Professional Employer Organizations to assist them in understanding government regulations and for relief in administrative tasks.

PEOs help provide training on how to properly file payroll taxes and how to deal with workers compensation insurance. They attentively watch over your small business, sure to catch the inevitable fastball Big Brother throws at you when you’re not looking. This way you can focus on managerial tasks.

If a company does something to put it at the center of focus in Big Brother’s spyglass, even if it’s something as small as forgetting to report on regulation requirements, a PEO will warn their client in time before the court orders arrive with those profit-consuming fines. These forewarnings allow for your small business to function normally without the fear that Big Brother will be standing around the corner, waiting to trip you up.

Of course, a PEO is more than a hired watchdog. Over time it will teach your business how to become self-regulated and knowledgeable in keying into Big Brother’s obscure rules. Many small businesses have found themselves to be more competitive in the labor market, raking in greater profits, which a PEO helps to insure.

However, profit expansion is not the PEO’s only skill: it can search out and select potential employees by screening them through drug tests, background checks, and interviews. This is an extra plus when it comes to unbiased hiring, because a PEO doesn’t discriminate or have a personal agenda.  When it comes to your workforce, a PEO can help guarantee employees that will last.  

Admittedly, the government’s monotonous regulations make your life difficult. But they exist to help you and your employees, even though it doesn’t always seem that way. Contrary to popular belief, Big Brother is not trying to choke off money from your bottom line and he is not trying to diminish your profit margin.

Let’s be real, it really doesn’t matter what you think about Big Brother’s rules, you’re going to have to abide by what he says anyway…or better yet, your PEO will.


About the Author
Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to and has experience working for small businesses and Professional Employer Organizations since 1997. He frequently writes about compliance, HR, technology and other issues affecting the small business owner.  You can compare PEO Services here.